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Full Service Fur Salon

  • Repairs

    You may someday, despite all of your best care efforts, accidentally tear or rip your fur garment. Repairing and altering fur coats and luxury garments requires expertise and specialized equipment. Before they become major more expensive problems, timely attention will keep your garment in top notch condition. One of the beauties of fur is that from the smallest tear to the replacement of complete sections, it can be repaired or remodeled. Master Furrier John Pechi can find matching fur and make repairs – or we can help you remodel it into a fresh, new fashion. John is pleased to inspect your furs and luxury garments and provide a free estimate.

  • Re-Lining

    If the lining in your fur is showing signs of wear and tear, you can choose a new lining that will be expertly hand sewn into your fur.

  • Monograms

    Monogramming your initials or name into a garment allows you to easily identify to yourself and others that your coat belongs to you. Monograms are offered free of charge with the purchase of a new coat or can be added alongside or on top of your existing monogram for a nominal fee.